Volume N ° 4

We recently released our first printed special issue called "Around the Table"

And guess what? It is now possible to purchase and have it delivered to your door! Enjoy.

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Rutabaga Magazine
Rutabaga Magazine Rutabaga Magazine
Rutabaga Magazine Rutabaga Magazine
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Around the Table

Volume N° 4

For this special edition, we wanted a theme that brought us back to the basics, which was the main idea behind this very project. Getting together for a meal is the essence of Rutabaga, more so than the desire to eat well. It's so enjoyable to get together with people we love and cherish.

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In this Issue

  • delicious baba ghanouj
  • Pecan sweet potatoes

Chef's Interview

© Marie des neiges

I have rarely met someone as passionate about cooking as Maxime Gagné. Look inside and discover what he had to say!

Rutabaga Magazine

Gone to the woods

Volume N° 3

In summer, you want to flee to the woods for a weekend or to the park for a barbecue. We love the evening stretch, that is, until the mosquitoes come out. We want to enjoy the time off and relax in good company.

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In this Issue

  • Beetroot and Tzatziki Burger
  • Quebec’s Summer Flavours Salsa 
  • A Moist Guilt-Free Chocolate-Banana Cookies

The Chef's Challenge

This time we met Émilie et Singgih of Mia Tapas, who prepared this typical Indonesian tempeh recipe for us! Yummy!

Rutabaga Magazine

Sweet Sunday in the countryside

Volume N° 2

Spring makes us want to open the windows and bathe into the fresh winds and warmth of the sunrays. Since brunch is the best way to enjoy Sundays and share a meal with friends, we thought it was the perfect theme for our second issue. And what’s better than fleeting to the countryside to watch the trees get greener and the buds slowly bloom.

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In this Issue

  • Our maple pecans and dates granola will make your mornings easier.
  • Discover Argentina with this strawberry limonade.
  • Spring-clean your house with this homemade cleaner.

The Chef's Challenge

Emile Tremblay © Marie des neiges Magnan

Emile Tremblay, chef at Le Cercle, lab vivantcooked a delicious mushroom and topinambour raviolis, served with carrot cream, while telling us why he loved his job!

1_cover_1 © M1_cover_Dernier pique-nique d'automne_Last Fall Picnic © Marie des neiges Rutabaga Magazine

Last Picnic of Fall

Volume N° 1

In this first issue (and pilot project), we decided to use the picnic, this simple yet welcoming and friendly gathering, as a general theme. We thus wanted to deliver fast and adaptable recipes that are easy to make and easy to bring along on the few last Fall picnics where we try to catch the last warm glimpses of the Summer sun and watch the fleeting colours of the season.

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In this Issue

  • Survive the grim times of Fall and stay energized with the Energy Bites.
  • Make your own crackers.
  • Discover a simple way to wash the pesticides off your fruits and veggies.

The Chef's Challenge

1_Cedric Emond_le défi du chef_The Chef Goal © Marie des neiges

We met with Cedric Emond, co-owner of the food truck P. A. & Gargantuawho was kind enough to share his White Beetroots Soup recipe.